Flow Circus employs exciting skill development tools to provide a fresh perspective for companies, conferences, colleges, nonprofits, and educators. Imagine your team tossing juggling balls, balancing plates, and twirling flower sticks as they experience the thrill of mastery. Reflecting on risk taking, problem solving, and persevering creates space for personal and professional growth.

"What a fun, invigorating way to get to know a group of people. Team Building at its finest and most fun!"

Workshop Attendee

"It hit me, if we could be successful at a task that none of us had skills performing - just imagine how successful we could be if we applied what we learned within a workplace where we DO have the skills and experience."

Workshop Attendee

"Our conference goers love you guys. It's so fun to bring in the element of play and you hit it on the head...every time."

Event Planner

Veni. Vidi. Lusi.

I came. I saw. I played. ™